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Amina Weira

Amina Weira
© Hassane Mezine
Film director, Screenwriter
Column : Cinema/tv

Nigerien Filmmaker.
She was trained at IFTIC (Niamey) and then at Gaston Berger University (Saint-Louis, Senegal) where she earned a Master in Documentary. Amina WEIRA directed three shorts documentaries during her training: La musique des films (2011), Des études aux miels (2012) and C'est possible, in 2013.
She directed in 2016 her first professionnal documentary, Anger in the Wind (La Colère dans le vent) around contamination in her hometown, Arlit (Northern Niger) where the French company Areva has been mining uranium since 1976.
Following her father, a retired uranium mineworker, she examines how a good part of this region is contaminated with an invisible radioactivity and the population not informed of the risks.


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